Minnesota Civic Education Coalition

Publications and Research that Informed Survey Design

The Minnesota Civic Education Survey is designed to provide details about civic education in schools and districts across Minnesota, with specific attention given to the six proven practices that constitute a well-rounded and high quality civic education experience.

The publication "Guardian of Democracy: The Civic Mission of Schools" details what these practices entail and the research demonstrating the advantages of each.

Three other projects were helpful in designing the Assessment:

The "School Citizenship Education Climate Assessment" and "Civic Assessment Database" produced by the National Center for Learning and Citizenship, Education Commission of the States.

The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) Civic Education Study, co-authored by Professor Judith Torney-Purta, University of Maryland.

"Constructing a Citizenry: Variance in Civic Education in Minnesota's Secondary Schools," 2010 honors thesis by Macalester College senior Hopi Costello, which assessed civic education in Minnesota high schools using data from 178 Minnesota teachers.

The civics content and skills sections are taken directly from the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in Social Studies.